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Created for women who appreciate illuminating face make-up. It is the ideal way to emphasize their strengths and give the skin youthful look.

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Strobing Sensation palette has four functions. It may be used for strobing face contouring. The palette gives the possibility to highlight the tops of cheekbones, the tip of the nose and the selected zones on the forehead. This makes the make-up lighter, the skin looks radiant and fresh. Such modern make-up is suitable for work, as it is very subtle. Glowing accents are also a perfect finish for evening make-up. Light texture does not clog pores, so the skin may freely breathe. The powder lasts for many hours and does not get darker.


Perfectly complements daily and evening make-up Makes the face look healthy and youthful Light texture ensures durability and does not clog pores Adds glow, freshness and radiance to the face Gives the possibility to hide imperfections, while the skin gains healthy look Opalescent particles of the powder stay on the skin for a very long time as the powder is resistant to wearing off


apply on a primer or a foundation., Apply the highlighter with a brush. It is best to apply it: in the T-zone, in the middle of lips and on the chin. To boost the effect, on the nose, under the eyebrows


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