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SET for Sensitive and Capillary Skin

A ready solution for people with sensitive, capillary skin, with erythematous lesions – spots and broken capillaries. With these products in 4 simple steps, your skin will be soothed, moisturized and regenerated.

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The set includes:
– Facemed+ Hyaluronic Face Wash
– Serum Shot Multipeptides
– Beauty&Glow, Water Bomb!, moisturizing face cream

– Natural Clay Herbs smoothing and detoxifying bio mask-peeling with white clay

The first step is to gently but effectively cleanse your skin. Facemed+ Hyaluronic Face Wash Gel is an innovative combination of cleansing and caring ingredients that allows you to deeply remove all impurities. The gel works extremely gently without irritating the skin.

Step number two is the Serum Shot Multipeptides. It contains ceramides, peptides, prebiotics, ferments, collagen, shea butter and jojoba oil. This miraculous blend of active ingredients makes the skin soothed, moisturized and regenerated. You’ll notice the results right away!

The next step in your skincare routine is the Beauty&Glow moisturizing and nourishing cream, Water Bomb! This unique product is rich in ingredients such as aloe vera leaf juice, oils, prebiotics, ferments, betaine and hyaluronic acid, which guarantee its effectiveness. The skin will become regenerated and nourished.

The perfect complement is Natural Clay Herbs smoothing and detoxifying biomask-peeling with white clay. White clay, the main ingredient of the mask, has a deep cleansing effect, effectively unclogs pores and leaves the skin pleasantly soft. The formula of the product also includes a highly moisturizing bio-oil of sweet almonds, which will soothe the skin and give it silky smoothness.


  • Soothes the skin
  • Reduction of erythema
  • Hydration and regeneration


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